Lamy Nibs – a helpful guide

For an updated (and more useful) guide please head over to this article instead: The Fountain Pen Nib Guide – Lamy

Lamy Nibs
Lamy nibs

Despite selling Lamy pens for something like 16 years, there’s always something new to learn, and today we learnt something new about the nibs available on Lamy pens. I thought I would share this, to make a definitive statement of what nibs are available.

Most Lamy pens take the standard Z50 nib, available in a range of sizes (see below). Some pens take a more expensive 14 ct bi-colour gold nib (e.g. the Lamy Dialog 3, Lamy Accent 98 series and some Lamy Studio pens). The Lamy 2000 fountain pen takes a slightly different 14 ct gold nib.

The point of this blog entry is to summarise the different Lamy nib sizes available, and to highlight what nibs are available as spares. This is as follows:

Lamy Nib Sizes

Z50 Standard sizes

EF – Extra Fine

F – Fine

M – Medium

B – Broad

LH – Left Handed

A – Medium light (see notes below)

Z50 Calligraphy sizes




Z50 special sizes (available fitted on limited range of Accent and Studio pens)

BB – Extra Broad

OM – Oblique Medium

OB – Oblique Broad

OBB – Oblique Extra-Broad


NB: The ‘A’ nib is a medium nib positioned in size somewhere between a fine and a medium nib, and it is intended for being a more suitable nib for younger children. For this reason it is fitted to the Lamy ABC fountain pen, and also comes as a special option on the Lamy Nexx pen.


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