Quo Vadis diaries at 50% off

If you are still without a diary for this year, or you’ve lost yours, or 6 weeks in to 2011 you have decided that you just don’t like the diary you’ve got, then grab a bargain. We are now selling what we have left of our Quo Vadis 2011 stock at 50% off. That means that a full Quo Vadis diary with a cover is cheaper than the full price refill was a few weeks ago. I admit it only has 46/52 weeks of use left in it, but if you haven’t already tried the Quo Vadis agenda planning diary system then maybe now is the time to try it out. It is particularly recommended for its structured approach to organising your days and weeks into time slots and to-do lists that can be carried forward. We have customers that have used the system for 40 years and more, so once you find it, there’s a good chance you’ll never leave it.

Try out a Quo Vadis diary at 50% off here

Quo Vadis Agenda Planning diary

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