Coloured envelopes

Expanded coloured envelope range on Bureau Direct

With the new website now getting back to where the old one left off, I thought I would mention that we have now organised our envelope range into a more user-friendly manner. You can now either search for your coloured envelopes by envelope size, or by envelope colour, depending on what suits you.

By size:

Simply click on the envelope tab or hover over this tab, and the envelope sizes will appear as an option. Options include all the obvious envelope sizes, from C4 to C5, C6 to DL, as well as small envelopes (C7), square envelopes and other more unusual sizes.

By colour:

Click on envelopes and you will find all the colour options listed. The options are as follows:

Red envelopes, black envelopes, blue envelopes, green envelopes, cream envelopes, pink envelopes, purple envelopes, grey envelopes, brown envelopes, yellow envelopes, orange envelopes, gold envelopes and silver envelopes.

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