Death of the photo album?

Where next for the humble photo album?

I came across this article (from December, sadly) that doesn’t say anything we didn’t already know, but it does make interesting reading all the same. It also goes some way to explain the lack of choice out there for attractive, good quality photograph albums – we’ve found almost every supply line of albums we have used in the past 6 or 7 years has had some problem, or has simply gone for good.

What the article doesn’t answer is how many people used photo albums before (it just implies that more of us did), and also the fact that so many more people are now taking photos, surely more than before. The fact that less people might use an album could be simply because more people take photos. Just a thought, although I would agree with the basic idea that we just don’t need to print out photos anymore – we publish them online or leave them on our computer to gather dust (so to speak).

We do try and keep a nice range of photo albums in stock, but we are finding it hard to do so with the demand slowly dying.

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