Product of the Month – May 2011

JOTTRR notebooks

JOTTRR notebook

We have selected the JOTTRR notebooks as our Product of the Month for May as they seem like the perfect item to highlight. We are working on an expanded range of notebooks during 2011, and this is another addition towards that goal. The undisputed No.1 notebook is the Moleskine but there are a lot of alternatives out there and the JOTTRR is an excellent example of what you can have in a notebook.

What makes this different to other books? The main feature is the mix of plain and lined pages – each 2-page spread has a plain page on the left and a lined on the right. It also throws in some grid pages at the back for good measure. In addition, the book has page numbers so if you want that bit of extra organisation this will surely help. Other nice touches include fold-out plain A4 pages at the back, and a fold-flat binding making it easier to write on. Some of the pages are also perforated so you can easily remove them, rather than tear them out messily.

JOTTRR page numbers

Perhaps the most obvious differences are the colours (currently black, yellow or pink), and the price (£8.95 at the time of writing, for a large/A5 notebook).

All in all, the Jottrr (not Jotter) books are excellent value and we recommend them. Click here to see more.

On the subject of notebooks, we are keen to know more about what notebooks people would like to buy.

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