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Whitelines notebooks are now in stock

whitelines paper

We are now selling the fabulous Whitelines notebooks. I know they’ve been around a while now, but they really are so different that it is worth highlighting them. The idea is one of those ‘why hasn’t this been done before?’ ideas – all the notebooks and pads you buy have the same basic paper in them. The quality might be better or worse, and it might be plain, or have lines or a 5/5 grid, but it is always darker lines on lighter pages, usually white or ivory. These books invert the basic idea and give a white line, or grid, on a darker background. It is actually a mid-grey background, to be fair, and the idea is that you write with a darker ink which will then stand out far better against the grey background without dark lines interfering.The white lines are there and act as a guide and provide structure, but don’t get in the way.

Perfect for almost any use, from writing to drawing.

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