Moleskine booklight

The Moleskine empire rolls on

Yet more new stationery items from Moleskine have arrived here. In the case of the Moleskine Booklight I use the term ‘stationery’ loosely. Still, this is a lovely little light that clips onto your book and allows you to read all hours of the day and night. We try to keep to our stationery brief but once in a while we broaden our remit and sell items that are a bit more tenuous with their stationery link. We do like these light though.

Moleskine booklight

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Reader Comments

  1. The BookLight could be a sweet little object if it wasn’t faulty. It was made in China and its on/off button doesn’t work. Once switched on, you cannot switch it of again. Moleskin doesn’t take responsibility for the products, you have to return them to the retailerCheck out “BookLight Moleskin” on Google and you’ll find how many customers are disappointed.

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