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Where next for the stationery brand that just grows and grows? We have taken delivery of our Moleskine pens and pencils now, and it is interesting to see how well they have been selling. I guess it shouldn’t be a surprise that such a well-known and popular brand would be able to move into other stationery products and do so well, but the early indications are that the pens are a big hit.

Our opinion is mixed on the pens – they have some great features not least the ability to clip it onto your Moleskine book cover and so always have a pen or pencil at the ready. Just slip the pen out of the clip, and slip it back it when finished. The pens have an unusual square look to them, although this makes more sense once clipped onto a Moleskine book as the pen shape complements the shape of the book. It is still a bold and unusual design decision, and possibly one that will only really appeal to Moleskine fans. Still, there’s enough people love the books to mean that shouldn’t be a problem.

If you opt for the more upmarket metal rollerball pen then you will also get a very nice presentation box – a sort of Moleskine book that opens to reveal the pen. A nice touch. The basic pen doesn’t come with any such frills, and is in all ways a more basic pen, with an all-plastic barrel. The pencils are very pleasing, although a 2B lead may not be so useful for writing, and may suit more artistic uses. The verdict? Inevitably the price is slightly higher because of the name, and the design is very individual, but when clipped onto a Moleskine book they make a lot of sense and should appeal to a Moleskine-lover.

Moleskine pens

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