Product of the Month – Habana journals

Quo Vadis Habana notebooks

For July we have made the Quo Vadis pocket Habana journals our Product of the Month. Apart from a slightly cheesy Olympic link-up (well, they do come in a themed gold, silver and bronze…) we thought they were worthy of the spot light for a few weeks because of how nice they are. We’re keeping it nice and simple this month. They have the usual features you can expect from any of the many Moleskine-like notebooks out there (Leuchtturm 1917, Jottrr, Rhodia Webbie and more) – elastic strap, inside pocket, hardback cover, simple lined pages with no fancy details, but what makes these notebooks stand out is the colour choice and the quality. They have good quality ivory paper (85gsm), but really it is the colours and in particular the metallic colours that grabbed us. We are also selling the lime green and fuchsia for a bit of extra colour, and of course the traditional black Habana notebook.

I feel a blog coming up on the relative qualities of the different notebook papers, but in the meantime take a look at the metallic Habana notebooks.

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