Product of the Month – Rhodia Meeting Book

A surprise hit

We’ve been selling the full Rhodia range for several years now, and Rhodia as a brand and a name is becoming increasingly popular. We’ve always stocked some items and made the rest available on special order only, in packs of 5 or 10. Bit by bit we have been adding to the items we keep in stock, as we see some items are selling well despite having to be ordered in bulk.

Rhodia meeting book

The Rhodia Meeting Book was one such example. It was selling quite well, and it was a notebook with a clear purpose. We decided to make it a stock item that could be ordered singly rather than a pack of 5, and it has been selling very well since. Well enough to give it a month in the spotlight with the coveted Product of the Month spot.

For anyone who has to be in charge of organising a meeting, it provides a pre-formatted layout which guides the notes. Date, notes, action points etc. It also means that the book is only used for running meetings, and each time you hold a meeting you have the written notes from the previous meeting there, in one book. It is one of those deceptively simple ideas, but clearly there is a real demand for this.

Meeting book page layout

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