Product of the Month – Biella files and dividers

Stylish Swiss stationery

This is pure Bureau retro. Firstly, a bit of history – for anyone who knew the original Bureau shop in Covent Garden, its early days were identified by solid blocks of colour – yellow, red, blue, green and grey. The colour came from a big wall of Biella stationery, one of the core stationery brands we stocked. Back then in 1995 such ‘exotic’ stationery was little seen here in Britain. The Biella range became a hit because of its colours, and because of the wonderfully tactile, waxy smooth finish to the files. They may only be lever arch files, but sat on a shelf, all in one colour, they make a striking sight.

Bureau shop

The Bureau shop when it first opened

Over the years our stock range of Biella may have diminished, but we still do the ultra-smart grey lever arch files and some very classy file dividers to go with them. The grey lever-arch file when combined with the grey-and-white file dividers is a really smart combination, and if you put several files onto a shelf then they look even better.

Biella 7cm grey file
Biella grey and white file dividers

A bit more on our Biella range – we are struggling against a tide of high import costs and even worse exchange rates from the Swiss Franc (not so long ago it was nearly CHF 2.5 to the pound,and recently it nearly dropped to CHF 1.15 – over doubling the cost to us). We also have shipping minimums and without a bigger fan base in this country we are stuck with irregular deliveries a few times a year. Despite this the demand is still there, and there are true Biella lovers out there who will ‘happily’ wait until our next shipment arrives.

If you are looking for a smart, cool and modern look for your filing then give Biella a try, and spread the word. The more people like them then the more we can bring in.

Reader Comments

  1. Sadly it looks like Biella has given up on the UK and possibly even given up on supplying these iconic grey files anywhere (at least not that I can find out there on the internet). If anyone has any ideas where I can source some files I’d love to hear or indeed if there is an equally stylish and high quality alternative out there. I know we are moving to a paperless world, but some of us still do have paper and need somewhere to file it all.

    1. Hi Nick

      Biella had discontinued the grey a couple of years back. They were very popular while we had them so it is strange, must have not done so well elsewhere. At the moment we haven’t really found a similar alternative but if you (or anyone else) knows a supplier out there for good quality files then we could look to stocking them here!

      Best wishes in your searching, sorry we can’t do much more!


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