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Stationery Hampers

We’ve been so pleased with the response to our new stationery hampers. Whilst I would be reluctant to claim credit for having come up with the idea (surely it has been done before, somewhere…?), it’s not something we’ve seen around. It just seemed such an obvious idea as well – after all, hampers are everywhere at this time of year and it’s always the same – a wicker basket filled with crackers, pat√© and jam.

What particularly struck me though was the response we’ve had. Sometimes you have an idea and it gets a so-so response from people you mention it to, and a lukewarm response from customers. Other times you are taken by surprise with how many people place an order. The hampers had that ‘good feeling’ from the moment we started to mention it to people. You could tell by the initial reaction that here was something that had everyone looking twice. And from the moment I tweeted about it, it has had a fabulous response. Particular plaudits to @StationeryBytes¬† and @msmollylouise who have both passed on the good news with such enthusiasm.

Possibly the best result is that we’ve been inspired to think up all sorts of ideas for the year ahead, and that makes it so much more interesting knowing that there might be an audience out there for it. Something we miss from not having the shop is the reaction you get from people, as it’s so much harder to get this online.

Happy Christmas and don’t forget to give your loved one a hamper that will surprise him or her!


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