The Bureau Direct 12 Days of Christmas – Day #1

A gift idea a day

I thought I would mark the final 12 days leading up to the last 1st class posting date for Christmas (UK post!) by highlighting a gift idea each day. The idea is to pick on items that have been proving popular with sales so far, maybe in the hope that it triggers some interest in someone….somewhere. Or is everyone just so saturated and bombarded with gift ideas that this is the last thing you need? Well, it’s only one gift idea a day, and only for 12 days. And then we can put Christmas shopping to bed, and look ahead to 2012. So, a day late, here is the first idea.

Day #1 – Moleskine Luggage Tags

Moleskine Luggage Tag

These little tags have been a really good seller, and they are a nice small gift idea. They’re only £7.95 so they could be a stocking filler. Available in 4 colours, and the blue, pink and green will really help make a suitcase stand out on the luggage carousel. They have been neatly designed to be like a Moleskine book, with the elastic strap closure and of course the ‘in case of loss…’ text inside.

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