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Over 1,000 different envelopes

We have always offered a wide range of envelopes, from the huge colour choice of Artoz 1001 to the great value of the Opera range. It’s also fair to say that envelopes are not exciting as some of the other stationery we sell, such as a new pen from Lamy or a new notebook range. To address the lack of attention we give envelopes, we have decided to embark on a program of reminding everyone the amazing range and depth of choice that we offer. So here’s a summary.

Our envelope shop is divided into 4 main categories, which are:

Coloured envelopes – high quality, great value and because we offer 3 main brands (Opera, Artoz 1001 and Pollen) we can offer an incredible choice of colour shades. For example, Opera has two shades of red envelope (red and claret), Artoz 1001 has four (red, bordeaux, lobster and fire) and Pollen has two (red and bordeaux). That’s eight different shades of red, as each brand interprets red in its own way.

Speciality envelopes – ideal for special occasions where you’re looking for something a little different. It could be translucent paper, pearlescent paper or one of the many unusual ranges from Artoz like Artoline with its subtle grainy finish.

Business envelopes – perfect for business use where you are looking for an envelope with a little more quality than a bog standard office envelope. White envelopes, cream envelopes, window envelopes, recycled envelopes.

Greeting card envelopes – we have many greeting card suppliers, and we will soon be launching a range of white envelopes which are idea for this purpose, in a selection of sizes that will surely cover all needs.

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