Our Man In Japan

An exotic new stationery venture into the unknown…

The box of stationery arrives...

Stationery may be an everyday item, but we all have a strange love for it, and a desire to collect and acquire more stationery in the search for the perfect notebook or an everyday item in an unusual colour. We also love the art of discovery, the idea that out there just round the corner lies something exciting and new. Combining these two ideas, we have come up with a new idea. Meet Our Man in Japan.

We have a stationery contact who now lives in Japan, and who knows us from the days back when we had a real shop. It’s very simple – he will find the most unusual stationery in Tokyo, hopefully not available here in the UK, and then bring it to you. We hope that each month a box of unexpected stationery will land on our doorstep.

Stocks will be very limited, and newsletter subscribers get the first word on what has arrived. If you want to be in this, click here to sign up for our newsletter, or we will also mention it on Twitter.

To give us a bit of an idea on why he chose the items he was sending over we asked for a bit of background to the stationery. What he said was:

“As a heavily populated city (the most populous metropolitan area in the world), most Tokyoites are squeezed together in hen coup housing and overspilling trains, and so prefer to protect privacy where they can. Books are covered to hide the the cover before they leave the store as the norm. Addresses are obscured with stamps or shredded for privacy and security as bin bags are necessarily transparent. The scissors are designed to be contained and concealed, ninja-like, within the confines of a pencil case, organiser pocket, etc, without taking up but a whisker of precious space. Space is a premium in Tokyo. The same goes for the micro pencils, with their tiny sharpener. There are so many consumers in Tokyo that manufacturers can afford to produce such a wide variety of paperclips and know there will be a market for each design/colour.”

Reader Comments

  1. I think this is a great idea. One potential thing you could bring to the UK market is the B5 paper and filing system they have in Japan, it’s amazing and I always stock up on trips to Asia (or a Japanese store in San Francisco).

    1. Hi
      I appreciate the support and ideas. It’s early days so all feedback is welcome, and we will pass on ideas to ‘our man’ (he is real – I’ve been shown round Tokyo stationery shops by him a few years ago). Part of the appeal is receiving unexpected items, but we will also give him ideas.


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