National Stationery Day

Tuesday 24th April

national stationery day

We’ve been plastering this one everywhere we can – on our website, on Twitter, on Facebook and our email footers. We are running a prize draw and free gift offer on the day itself. It’s a wonder we haven’t been reduced to wearing T-Shirts and having it tattooed for good measure (we are based in Camden, home of the tattoo after all). Rest assured we have stopped at promoting it online.

It is the first such day, and I don’t normally even give so much as a raised eyebrow for most such eventsĀ  – National Salt Awareness Week anyone? No, well you missed that one back in March, so how about National Tree Dressing Day? It’s in December so don’t say you haven’t got ample warning. I am fully aware that to most people, a National Stationery Day is little better. An interest to keep quiet about, not go public, but a lot of people do love their stationery, and I’d like to bet that most people who work in offices have hung around the stationery cupboard a little too long for their own good to check out the latest Niceday delivery.

Why stationery? It’s practical, it’s useful, it’s small and collectable, it says ‘own me’, it says that it can change your life in some small way for the better because it will help you become organised. It is tactile and nice to hold, it can look pretty or just be boringly functional, but it will always offer a world of possibilities. After all, once the electricity goes off, we want to know where we put the candles and soon afterwards you’ll be looking for a pen and paper. So in it’s own little way, stationery exists in all our lives, and we should celebrate that little fact. By buying more stationery. From Bureau Direct, of course.

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