Olympics and Stationery

With the Olympics fast approaching, the question for any retailer is do you jump on the back of this one and run ‘Olympic promotions’, or just ignore it as though it isn’t happening? We have been having this very debate, and a straw poll of the Bureau office (not a very big poll, it should be said) seems to confirm the general media line of Olympic apathy. On the other hand, it is going to happen, like it or not, and will we feel differently when we look back in 20 years time and wonder what we did when the Olympics came to town. Literally in our case, since it is happening a few stops down the line from where we are, and in my case the cycling road race runs almost past my door at home. The torch relay is also running near my home and then again almost past the door here at Bureau.

We will split the difference and do something Olympic (watch out for this – our Stationery Wednesday email will feature something very soon), but try not to overdo the theme. We did also give the Jubilee a miss so maybe we have kept some British Summer 2012 tokens in reserve. And I am hoping to do something which is knowingly tongue-in-cheek  – at least I hope it won’t look like you’ve stumbled into your local Tesco store draped out in plastic Union Jacks, but apologies in advance if we get it a bit wrong…

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