Sunny weather and stationery

26° and rising

As the weather finally remembers that it is July and that it is summer, here in the Bureau Office (I say office, but that makes it sound more glamorous than it really is) the temperature is rising steadily. We have limited ventilation and the heat seems to get trapped up on the office mezzanine. Anyway, the theme of this post isn’t about how hot it is in our office, but on how disinterested people are in stationery when the sun comes out. We trust that everyone will soon get over the novelty of buying sandals and 99’s and lying in the park rather than shopping online in a darkened room, and that they will flock back to the stationery temple that we have provided with our website. Sales are noticeably slower this week (maybe we should be amazed that we get any orders when you could be outside in the shade reading a book). In the meantime, it allows for time to catch up, and for posting slightly pointless blogs about why people don’t buy stationery online in a heatwave.

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