What’s on Charlotte’s desk?

The USUS Pen

This USUS pen had been finding its way on to everyone’s desk before I decided to claim it as my own and give it permanent residence in my pen pot. I love this pen and not just because I have the pink one, but because of the innovative style and sleek design . Its unique and so easy to write with, I can’t fault it. Made in Germany this pen uses a supraspinĀ® magnetic system , which means there is no need for springs and other bits and pieces (that can easily be lost) just twist and you’re ready to write! It is a perfect handbag pen, measuring in at only 120mm and a sure talking point when you pull it out! I also find myself twisting the USUS round and round just for fun, so a great time waster too. It does come in two other colours in the synthetic range as well as a few more in the aluminium but in all honesty I just love pink and I would recommend the USUS to anyone who wants a smart, stylish and brilliantly different pen for very reasonable price.

usus pen

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