Stationery Olympics – the final result

Gold, silver and bronze

It was only meant as a bit of fun to keep the stationery market alive during the Olympics, but it exceeded my expectations. I feared having to declare a winner based on only 10 votes, but with over 200 votes in the end I shouldn’t have been so pessimistic! And it provided a battle to the line as Whitelines made a real fight of it, being pipped to the gold medal by Leuchtturm by only one vote. Monsieur made a strong claim to bronze, way behind the leaders but well ahead of pre-race favourite Moleskine.
Moleskine did made the early running, and I feared them walking away with a predictable gold medal, followed by Rhodia. I don’t know what happened to the French entry but they stalled early on, leaving Moleskine ahead. They were then steadily hauled in by the Germans with the Swedes proving a surprisingly strong contender. Most of the running was then Leuchtturm being tailed by Whitelines, with Monsieur pulling away from Moleskine. The minor placings were fought out between Mark’s, Field Notes and The Slab book.

nd what does the final result say about the books? I am not surprised by the popularity of Leuchtturm – I use one myself and they are a very good book. I am surprised by the demand for Whitelines – quirky and unusual but I hadn’t realised how popular. Good timing since we have just been restocked with Whitelines including some new lines. With Monsieur there is possibly a Team GB sympathy vote, or maybe I am being unfair? Again, I was unaware of the popularity, and I am very surprised by the poor showing by Rhodia which I thought did have a good following. Moleskine is one of those hard-to-call ones – hugely popular, but also very unpopular because of its very popularity. Maybe this counted against it. As for the others, they did very well and realistically were never likely to feature in the medal hunt. But then I thought that about Whitelines…

Reader Comments

  1. Hi and thanks.
    I guess the poor showing of Moleskine is down to their price, their recent expansion into other areas away from core notebook products and ‘iffy’ quality. The fact that the owners are seeking either Milan stock market listings or a sell-out maybe an additional loyalty loser?
    Rhodia are my second favourite but may have lower placing due to patchy UK retail distribution outside London.
    Monsieur are very much new kids on the block and yes, I did buy a couple when they were launched. Then our lockal stockist had a 50% off promotion which indicated that they just wanted shot of a slow moving stock.
    So, I agree, LEUCHTTURM deserve top spot … my favourites too.

    1. And Whitelines? I still can’t quite work out the popularity and the 2nd place. I like them a lot but I’m still surprised by the high ranking. Leuchtturm are a very good all round book and deserve the 1st place, but I do have a soft spot for Field Notes.

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