The Stationery Olympics

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The Stationery Olympics

Welcome to The Stationery Olympics. Taking its cue from the start line of the 100m, we have lined up 8 notebook heavyweights from 8 countries. Each somehow reflects a very different face, and one that often reflects the country it represents. Highlighting the Leuchtturm notebook’s practical features as being Germanic, or the quirky innovation of the Swedish Whitelines notebook, is all a bit simplistic but nevertheless all good fun. Despite our 3rd place in the medals table (as of today), it is unlikely that Team GB will win gold in the Stationery Olympics though as we have entered the outsider in the field.

It’s all good fun, and the response has been very nice indeed. So many people have done a double-take and said how much they love this idea. It’s still not too late to vote (we will close this once the ‘real’ Olympics close on Sunday). You can vote here.

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