Is the cookie law dead already?

When introduced last year (well, it seems like last year, maybe it was 2011?), this immediately struck me as the most ridiculous piece of regulation. Every website you visit uses cookies, and every website now displays the most incomprehensible explanation of what they they and why they do it. Does anyone actually understand, or worse, do they really care? Maybe it is a sad reflection on how little we value our privacy, and maybe we will regret this loss one day, but surely this was never the solution? Trying to make people aware of what technology is doing without them knowing, by explaining it in equally technical and confusing ways was at best ironic and at worst just a waste of time. I like the line in the article below that says “The people who simply put a cookie page up apparently did the right thing” – I’m not sure even that wasn’t too much detail for mass consumption. After all, the vast majority of us are just selling or existing online for genuine and wholesome purposes. The few that are pushing the boundaries (I’m talking big, evil retailers here, not Russian hackers) will still do what they want to do and we’ll never understand the explanation they give.

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