10th Anniversary – a postscript

Firstly, to anyone that has made it to the blog to find out more, a big thank you for taking part in some or all of the day’s questions. It has been fun if exhausting working out the quiz along the way. I wanted to take the time to particularly say thank you for everyone who attempted the final day’s question which was just a bit harder than most other days, and as a result it generated some very well thought out responses. I might even say that some of the answers made my own actual answer seem a bit poorly thought through. Although incorrect if judged against my answer, I feel these deserve a mention, so here they are. I haven’t attempted to verify any of the facts quoted, but I do like their ingenuity.

Lorraine Blencoe’s answer was ‘records’ –

  • Titian’s ‘Madonna and Child’ sold for a record $16.9 million in 2011
  • Queen Victoria is the longest reigning monarch at 63 years
  • In 1924 the first baby to be born on the London Underground was born on the Bakerloo Line
  • Central Park is the most visited urban park in the United States
  • Ian Thorpe holds the record for the most Olympic golds won by any Australian –

Allan Engelhardt said ‘brown ‘ –

Ron Goodwin came up with ‘9’ –

  • Titian: Believed to have moved to Venice to commence art training at the age of NINE.  Additionally, Titian’s  Digital Modern Deco Giclee Urban Art On Canvas is comprised of NINE panels.
  • Ian Thorpe: Has won NINE Olympic medals (5 gold, 3 silver, 1 bronze), NINE Pan Pacific titles, and, in 1994, won NINE individual gold medals at the New South Wales Short Course Age Championships.
  • Central Park: New York’s NINTH Avenue runs through Central Park.
  • Queen Victoria: Had NINE children – Victoria, Edward, Alice, Alfred, Helena, Louise, Arthur, Leopold and Beatrice.
  • The Bakerloo Line: Is the NINTH busiest line on the London Underground network.

Natalie Raybould suggested ‘red/ginger’ –

  • Titian famously painted redhaired female subjects
  • Queen Victoria and In Thorpe both are/were redheads
  • The Bakerloo line was originally the red line before it changed to brown
  • And the red-tailed hawk ( the famous breeding pair being Pale Male and Ginger) are famous residents of Central Park.

Verity Wood nailed her colour to the mast and said ‘queen’ –

  • Titian painted several monarchs including Queen Christina of Denmark
  • Queen Victoria was queen of Great Britain from 1837 until her death in 1901
  • In 1915 the Bakerloo Line was extended to Queen’s Park
  • Ian Thorpe often trains at the Queen Victoria Building in Sydney
  • The rock band Queen played a concert at New York’s Central Park in 2008 ( a final link was that Sydney also has a Central Park that is currently being redeveloped)

Stephanie Dedbar also had the idea it was ‘brown’ –

  • Gordon Brown compared himself to Titian
  • Ian Thorpe has had a brown rose named after him
  • Queen Victoria was known as Mrs Brown
  • The Bakerloo line is the brown one on the map
  • And Central Park…well, I’m not sure. I thought James Brown had a song called Central Park Blues, but the majority of the internet suggests it was Nina Simone. Then I thought it might be Gordon Brown again (Central Park shares its name with the home of Scottish football club Cowdenbeath and Gordon Brown is the MP for Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath) but that seems a bit tenuous (though perhaps prize-worthy in its tenuousness!).

I may yet turn this into something more regular but we’ll have to wait to and see on this. Thank you once again for taking part.


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