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Day 31 – March 31st 2013

So the final day has arrived. Maybe you’ve only just discovered the competition today, maybe you’ve dipped in and out on some days already, or maybe you’ve been a daily addict. Who knows, maybe you’ve even won one of the previous 30 prizes (or two of them….Allan). It was meant to mark a little milestone, that of 10 years trading online. Many people have been online for longer, but there are also many others who have popped up since, and 10 years does feel like something of an achievement. It also coincided with our move to new premises, which in itself was something of a milestone event in trying to grow our (little) business. We were in Camden for too long, and had outgrown our tiny little home.

So 30 days, 30 questions. We went from a Beth Bag to Tom Baker via jazz musician Ken Colyer, Victor Meldrew, Lincoln Cathedral, Julius Caesar, The Rolling Stones, Woody Allen, Crewe Alexandra and Concorde. All of which had a link to Bureau, however tenuous. At times it may have resembled Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, but it hopefully also gave a little insight into who we are (and were) here at Bureau, and probably just a little sense of what we like (well, a lot of what I like, and quite a bit of what others like). My personal favourite question was Day 25, about the link between Woody Allen and Kentish Town West station, although I was also fond of the link from Robyn to Trading Places on Day 3, possibly because it was one of the first questions I came up with and was suitably rambling to make me want to do the whole 31 days.

And the next 10 years? That’s a scary thought, although I will re-read this in March 2023 if we are still here and remember fondly the mornings spent tapping out a new question, mug of tea in hand. We do have big hopes and aims for the coming year though, and by March 2014 I really hope that we are much bigger, better and more exciting, but without ever losing the personal side. In fact, I hope that we will see far more involvement from others – there are rumours of a guest-edit slot on the Stationery Wednesday one day soon….

So, today’s question. I’ve given up trying to guess what makes a hard question and what is an easy one. Given the big prize on offer today, I’d like to think that this question is suitably testing, but who knows. As long as it makes you think.

Q: What is the link between Titian (16th Century Italian painter, Venetian school) and Ian Thorpe (Australian swimmer, 5 times Olympic gold medallist, all round Olympic pool legend), Central Park, Queen Victoria and the Bakerloo line?

A: Oxford Circus tube station

In The Great Bear by Simon Patterson, Oxford Circus was represented by Titian (the Victoria Line was for Italian Artists and for whatever reason, this took precedence over the Central Line). Last year, in the run up to the Olympics, TfL re-drew the tube map and The Great Bear with Olympic Legends, and in this map, Oxford Circus was represented by Ian Thorpe (the Central Line was for pool events and took precedence over the Victoria Line this time round). Oxford Circus is served by the Central, Victoria and Bakerloo lines.

great bear

olympic legends


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