And the winner is…

The 2013 ECMOD Awards

We’re probably the least showy company around, and at times it is almost as though we go out of our way to avoid the limelight, but I took the decision to raise our profile last year. Small can be beautiful but we have to survive as well! We love what we do, we are very proud of what we do, and although not perfect, we do try and offer something better than you will find elsewhere. When an industry awards competition came up last month, we decided to put ourselves forward for an award, and Outstanding Customer Service seemed a suitable award to show how we try and do things a little differently. Given that the submission for the award came on the same day we were moving premises, it was something of a mad rush to get the entry prepared and in on time. It was therefore a bit of a nice surprise when we were shortlisted for our award, and invited to a glitzy ‘do’ at Chelsea Football Club. I can’t ever remember winning anything previously – maybe a tombola prize, and I did score the required three penalties at the school summer fair a couple of years ago to win something – so it was something a shock and slightly surreal when Dermot Murnaghan called out our name. Hopefully the video interview afterwards will never see the light of day.

The honest response to winning is a mixed one – I personally do believe that we go beyond the usual empty customer service promises that you find around. We may also make a mess of your order, but will take personal responsibility to resolve it if we do. However, I also feel that we have a lot of improving to do, so nice as it is to get such an award, we will hopefully do a much better job of it over the next 12 months and beyond.

A big thank you to anyone who has submitted positive feedback as we did use this as part of our submission, to show how we tried to establish relationships with customers. The feedback was very nice to receive, and it demonstrated that we were trying to do something that others were glad to receive – real people who were prepared to be helpful and available and to treat you as we would expect to be treated. Here’s to a better future for Bureau and yet more exciting stationery coming your way.

Reader Comments

    1. Huge congratulations to you guys. Whilst it’s a great honour I guess to receive such an accolade, it’s really no surprise given the excellent standard of customer service you have provided over the years. Credit has been given where credit is due and I’m proud to be a returning customer to such an awesome site, run by some fantastic people. Long may the awards continue to flood in. All the best, Bex x

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