Lamy Safari limited editions

An annual event

Here is an update on a post from 2011 – the limited edition Lamy Safari pens over the years. This year it is neon yellow, last year was the apple and then we had aqua (2011), lime (2008), pink (2009 & 2010), white & black (2007), orange (2009) and blue/red (not sure what year…2006?)

lamy safari neon yellow neon yellow

lamy apple safariapple

lamy safari aquaaqua

lamy safari limelime

lamy safari pinkpink

lamy safari whitewhite

lamy safari blackblack

safari orangeorange

safari blue redblue/red

If anyone has any more photos of previous limited editions, or even of their favourite limited edition, please do send them in and we’ll post them for you.

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