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A new feature

This is a new feature, and the idea is to let you what stationery we like to use. It’s no surprise that we use our own stationery. We are surrounded by it all day, everyday. Imagine the stationery equivalent of being allowed into Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. Well it’s sort of like that. A bit. Anyway, new stationery comes in to us here on a pretty regular basis – we usually see something new each week. Some of it is OK, some of it is actually quite disappointing, but some of it is actually very much in the category of ‘ooh, I could use one of those….’. Well it is pretty sad that we all find items that we like personally for some reason, but don’t share it with everyone. After all, deciding on whether an item is good to buy is hard enough on a website (even one as good as ours….) so any additional words might just help. It may even make you realise that it isn’t the right item for you.

The idea is to flag each item on the website with a ‘staff pick’ badge, together with a little summary of who has picked it and why. If you want to find out more then simply head on over the this blog and a more extensive write-up will leave you in no doubt about why we have chosen that particular item. Hopefully we will see everyone give an insight into something every month.

First up will be myself – I will post the first Staff Pick next week.

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