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Dominic – Katy & June Weekly Deskpad

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To me this is stationery as it should be – it looks good and does a practical job. However what I really love about this notepad is how it has actually made a difference to my daily routine. It’s such a simple idea, and I was previously using something similar with the Rhodia mousepad/notepad, but this is in a different league. I admit I don’t use it as intended – the time slots are just too ‘diary’ for my needs – but the daily columns let me organise all the jobs that need completing (preparing the weekly email, planning on global stationery domination, etc) on a daily basis. I also use Saturday and Sunday for other purposes since I’m not in the office at weekends, but it lets me keep on top of the 1,001 jobs that need to be done each week. It does make me wonder how they were ever done before, but I’ll not worry about that.

At the end of the week I have a thoroughly messy notepad, but tear the sheet off and it’s pristine again.  On a Monday morning it looks like the week ahead should – open spaces full of potential and opportunity to make things happen. By Friday afternoon it just looks like the week that has passed – some success but also a sense of organisation to the chaos that has just passed, jobs done and ticked off, ready to start a new week free of all that hassle and with nice open space again. And so the cycle goes on.

An added benefit of this pad is that it not only doubles as a notepad/memopad so that you can jot down notes and memos, it also trebles up as a mousepad. 3-in-1 can’t be beaten, surely?

In case you’re wondering, the pad is shown with a Lamy 2000 4-pen (a long-time favourite of mine and maybe one for another ‘staff pick’), and the pad has been customised with date numbers from some ink stamps that Jo is possibly going to add to the range – we’re trialling them.

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Reader Comments

  1. Agree with all this – it’s just structured enough to impose a bit of discipline, but also flexible enough for you to use it your own way. I keep a rough to-do list in the right hand column and populate that into the day columns, ticking off as I go, and then transfer the undone stuff into the following page at the end of the week. I also mark up all scheduled meetings and commitments at the start of the week, and highlight them so that I have a quick visual guide to how busy the week is, what I need to do ahead of certain meetings and so on. It’s probably the most valuable piece of stationery I’ve ever bought. Fits really tidily into a Rhodia A4 book too, so easy to carry between home and office, meetings and so on.

    1. The most valuable piece of stationery ever bought? That is a good endorsement. Thankfully we now have them back in stock, and some other ones as well. I’m working my way through my second weekly deskpad and I do worry to think what I would do without one.

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