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Right now, I’m going to be honest. Until I worked for Bureau Direct I hadn’t actually heard of Lamy, of course now I say it more times in a day than I would care to count. I did however love stationery as a child and teenager, but my interests were more in the area of glittery gel pens and movie themed notepads. I did however and still do have a love of stationery that stands out. The only slight detail that has changed is that it tends to have more of a practical use, unlike that of sparkling ink (although who doesn’t love things that sparkle). Anyway enough of my rambling, let us move forth onto my stationery choice of the week, drum roll please.

Sleek, smooth and sexy; no this is not an advert for a new hair removal cream I am in fact using three words which spring to mind when thinking of the ‘Lamy Vista’ Fountain Pen. Which is actually the first fountain pen I’ve ever owned and is the first time I have used one in about thirteen years. (I was ten at the time; you can do the math.) Lamy pens are most certainly great value, and you get a lot of bang for your buck. The Vista really stood out for me from all the others because of the difference in the design. I love being able to see how things work, and with this clear-barrelled beauty; no mechanism is left unseen.

Lets us also not forget that it writes like a dream as well. I avoided using a fountain pen for many years out of a fear they would make my writing look even worse than it already does. In fact the effect is opposite; it appears to improve my messy scrawl. There also has to be a mention of how great it feels to write with a fountain pen. It is truly an experience that you get with no other writing instrument; and one cannot help but feel rather grand when scribbling away. So all in all if you like seeing the workings of a pen while also having a lovely smooth writing experience I highly recommend the ‘Lamy Vista’ it certainly beats the sparkly gel pens of my youth.

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