Staff Picks – Ohto Promecha Pen

Jo’s Choice

ohto promecha

This is my favourite pen right now and despite my being a bit fickle (only with stationery though), I think it will end up being a firm favourite. I must confess to being a non-fountain pen user – not that I don’t like them but I don’t like waiting for the ink to dry and all the smudging and so on. I have never really taken to rollerballs either so that leaves me with ballpoints which are kind of the lowest ranking pen type in the pen kingdom. Having said that, the Ohto Promecha is a really outstanding ballpoint with its super fine nib and its mechanical styling reminiscent of the Rotring pens of my youth. It’s silver too so it matches my toenails which can only be a good thing really.

Reader Comments

  1. the OHTO graphic liner is worth checking out (when fitted in a sherpa case) the 0.7mm line is far to wide for my tastes.

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