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So, it turns out that we are all rather enjoying writing our staff pick articles. In fact, it is fast turning into my favourite job.

This week, I’m reviewing the product that I use the most frequently out of our entire range of stationery-the Faber Castell Textliner Highlighter pen. It is safe to say that I. LOVE. THIS. PEN. Dominic and Jo first brought one back from the 2012 Stationery Show as it had won an award for Best Writing Instrument, so it must be good.

Although I said in my first Staff Pick review that I didn’t know anything about stationery when I arrived, upon thinking about it I suppose that’s not strictly true. I come from a family of artistic types, and I used to spend a lot of time drawing and painting as a child. I remember being given a set of really lovely Faber Castell coloured pencils by my Grandfather, who was a keen watercolourist and was always encouraging me to draw the flowers in our garden. I was quite proud of those pencils, as they were in a smart tin and I kept them sharpened all to the same length- they looked nicer that way. Needless to say I rarely draw these days, but Faber Castell must have left a lasting impression on me as I love their products.

I am drawn to anything loud or fluorescent in colour like a moth to a flame. I have fluorescent yellow trainers and am not afraid to wear them, often paired with odd socks just for good measure. So of course I wanted this pen as soon as I saw it. In fact, Faber Castell describe it as being ‘Super Fluorescent’ which meant I found it utterly irresistible and pretty much snatched it out of Jo’s hand before she had a chance to show it to anyone else. It does come in Pink too, but I’m not much of a girly girl so I prefer the Yellow.

It’s also satisfyingly chunky as a highlighter should be, and is really comfortable to use as it has an ergonomic grip section. It’s got an angled tip so it writes in 3 different widths, 1mm, 2mm and 5mm which is really handy although I mainly use the 5mm angle to get maximum coverage. The best feature of this pen however, is yet to come. Somehow, the genius pen inventor people at Faber Castell have made it refillable, so I have now had the same pen for well over a year and am not even half way through the bottle of ink which I think is really good going.

And now, to top it off, they’ve decided to sell them in a pack of 4 different colours. The Yellow and Pink pens are available to buy individually, but in the pack you get both these colours along with Green and Orange. We’ve also got the ink refills in the Pink and Orange and have just taken delivery of the Green ink too. So now you have no excuse to forget any of your appointments as they should all be highlighted!!!!!

And in an unusual twist, just as Jo’s OHTO Promecha Ballpoint pen matches her silver toenails, my Faber Castell Textliner matches my glow in the dark nails too. How cool am I.

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