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One of the perks running a stationery business is that you end up trying out various items of stationery as they arrive. So many new items have arrived and each one has looked like it will be ‘the one’ – the answer to all those problems. All those reasons why my daily life isn’t better organised will finally be swept away with this new notebook/diary/pen (delete as appropriate). And then the reality – the number of new notebooks I have tried out and been left disappointed with after a few pages! I have tried Moleskine notebooks, Quo Vadis Habana books, Clasmax/Oxford books, Rhodia books, even the Moleskine Evernote and Whitelines Link books, and each has promised me so much but left me no better off.

I had been casting a longing look over at the Leuchtturm Master notebook (sorry, LEUCHTTURM1917 to give it its full and proper name), and so after one too many disappointing notebooks I decided that now was the time. I am now the owner of a very nice Leuchtturm Master Dot book, and we’re talking about 6 weeks in now. That’s 6 weeks and I am still happy.

What do I like about it? Simple things really – I like Leuchtturm books, the quality and feel of them is satisfyingly solid and reliable. They have nice features like the Index and Page Numbers, which means that you can easily mark out where your important notes are as opposed to the endless pages of scribbles and doodles. The dot paper makes me wonder why no one came up with this idea years ago – enough structure to keep my messy scrawl in line, but enough white paper to let your notes and drawings breathe. Finally, being a full A4 and a bit in size, the book has space to fill – let your notes meander and devote a whole page to a long list.

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