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camera notes

This is a brilliant product which I use all the time. It replaces the previously indispensable Pensee Tape and is much the same idea. It is essentially a roll of low tack sticky paper in a dispenser which you use much like a Post-it note. The great advantage here is that it is up to you how much you use – small note or large, you decide. I use it for marking products in catalogues I like, writing costs and retail prices against each item. The low tack adhesive ensures you can easily remove the notes from any surface without leaving a mark so you can stick notes on walls, fridges, computers etc. Quite apart from its usefulness, it is such a cool product. Designed to look like a roll of camera film, the dispenser stands up on your desk (and holds my textliner pen) and looks unusual and funky. Choose from either neon yellow or fluorescent pink – they are both equally covetable.

Reader Comments

  1. It makes me feel quite smug when I see that I’ve already been using both Staff picks for some weeks – and can’t get enough of either of them.

    Sellotape (I think) used to make an identical but undecorated version of the Mark’s sticky roll. Years ago it quickly became the must-have essential on my desk, but it turned out to be a marketing experiment that was soon discontinued. I eked out my one and only roll for 5 or 6 years at least until finally it was all used up. Now joy is restored. Thanks Team 🙂

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