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mark's silicon notebook

Right so here we are again, doesn’t time fly, let us get on with my second staff pick. This is one I hold quite dearly as it is the first item of stationery I picked up from Bureau. I use the phrase picked up here, because Dominic told me to pick a note pad I liked and test out a product, of course I picked the brightest thing I could see, remember I do love my sparkly gel pens. Well that combined with the fact that it reminded me of Duplo bricks of my childhood (other building blocks are also available). Now onwards we go for some discussion about the notepad itself.

So the notebook I have is the bright red one, mainly because red is my favourite colour, I have no idea what that says about me; well I do but I shall not say it on this blog. Feel free to make your own assumptions. Moving swiftly onwards I am going to be brave and use a rather fantastic word, this notebook is zany. There I said it. Its quirky, bright and there is truly nothing else quite like it. The paper may be plain which I thought would be a pain for writing, but as it turns out it doesn’t really bother me. One of the features I like (a notebook with features shocking I know.) is the two removable pieces, which act as a sort of lock for the notebook. These also proved popular with my boyfriend, which ended up with me buying him a black version of the notebook for Christmas; mainly to stop him playing with my notebook.

The other handy element is the quality of the paper, with fountain pen ink there is slight bleed through to the other side of the sheet, but the next page remains unmarked, not something I have a problem with as I tend to not write on the left hand side, and most wouldn’t use a fountain pen with this kind of book anyway. Now lets wrap this up with three words this notebook is zany, bright and fun (okay four words) and in my opinion what more could you want from a notebook. So until next month; farewell dear readers.

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