Staff Picks – Rhodia A5 Meeting Book

Dominic’s Choice

rhodia meeting book

This is one item of stationery that has that slightly ‘boring’ tag attached to it, but it’s just what stationery should be. Practical and making a difference to your day. It’s a shame it doesn’t look a bit nicer but you can’t have everything. The Rhodia Meeting Book is essential for anyone who has to organise meetings on a regular basis. In my case it is weekly team meeting plus any others that come along – what it allows me to do is have all the notes from the meeting in one place. Rather than desperately looking through a notebook for the meeting notes you took down last week, or 3 weeks before, you can just take your neat Meeting Book along each time, and refer back to the relevant page for any previous meeting.

Each page has a pre-formatted layout  – a date field, headline notes and then a notes and action column. The pages are even perforated so that you can remove them without unsightly ragged torn edges. All in all, a neat idea that I heartily recommend.

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