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rhodia exabook

This is a really top notch product and I don’t say that lightly. The Rhodia Exabook is a binder/notebook combination which is perfect for people who like flexibility and the sensation of feeling organised. The Exabook comprises a rigid binder with elastic closure, rather like a Moleskine book together with a spiral-bound pad of beautiful Rhodia paper complete with micro perforations for tearing out pages neatly. It also has five moveable dividers which you can label and insert wherever they are needed to create sections within the book. These also have pockets built in so you can store receipts and leaflets alongside the notes you have written. I use mine for trade fairs when looking for new products and the cover provides a rigid base for writing on the move. There are also pockets in the back for keeping a few business cards and a CD/DVD and there is a repositionable ruler though I confess I haven’t found a use for this yet. Rarely do I need to measure products at trade fairs but, should the occasion arise, I am ready.

I have opted for the smaller A5 version as I can’t cope with lugging a large book around but my teenage son has an A4 version which is great for school. He has a book of lined paper for writing and the dividers can be used to separate the book in to his different subjects – there are stickers for labelling – and also store loose sheets of homework. The binder stops it all getting damaged in his bag and there are refill pads for when the paper is all used up.

Like I said, top notch.

Reader Comments

  1. Very tempting, indeed!
    I’ve been using Oxford Organiser Notebooks in the past, but they have a few downsides: no refills, more school-like coloured cover, no pockets, I only found them in A4 size. A5 is also much more portable for my taste. Rhodia Exabook looks much neater and smarter, has pockets and movable dividers and the refill system is very, very tempting!

      1. I’m using the A5 size one and it’s really practical! It also look quite smart. The size is definitely more comfortable to carry around than a bigger A4.

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