Jazz Festival

August 2013 – MARCIAC

We have been issuing a monthly promo code on Stationery Wednesday for ages now and have always put some thought into the choice. I might not spend all day on it, but at least some care does go into it rather than just let the computer churn out a string of characters or make up an obvious one. This month I thought I should start sharing the reason behind the choice.

Marciac is a small town in France. A funny little place – a typically French small town, pretty main square, Hotel de Ville, bars, cafes, lovely houses, miles from anywhere, and yet for a couple of weeks each summer it plays host to a major jazz festival attracting all sorts of big names (I think this year had Wynton Marsalis, Gilberto Gil, George Benson, Joe Cocker and more). I’m no jazz fan, to be honest, but it’s very strange to see such a little place transformed. After all, it’s about an hour and a half to the nearest airport, and an hour to a town of any note.

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Jazz Festival

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