Bureau Direct Envelope Week

Also known as National Envelope Week

Earlier in the summer I announced that we would celebrate one of the less-glamorous items of stationery – the envelope – with a week-long series of events. That week is nearly upon us and so my last-minute planning is in overdrive once again, remembering all those little things that need to be done. The idea is simple – we sell one of the best ranges of quality envelopes online, and not enough people know about it. We don’t do your bog-standard manila envelopes, although we do a rather nice range of white business envelopes, but mainly we do coloured envelopes and speciality envelopes. Spread across several brands – Opera, Artoz, Pollen and Casa Metallic – we do an amazing range of colours and sizes. We also do some pretty wonderful envelopes in more luxury or unusual finishes.

Bureau’s Envelope Week was simply to celebrate all that is good in our envelopes, and as Kate pointed out earlier today, envelopes are something of an antidote to the digital age – a bit old fashioned, possibly involving a pen and some ink and actual handwriting. The week will feature something different each day – you’ll have to check in next week to find out more.

Bureau Direct Envelope Week – 9 – 13 September

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