Staff Picks – Tombow Mini Glue Tape

Paul’s Choice

tombow glue

Hello there faithful reader, once again it is my staff pick. This time I’ve gone for a new product. The Tombow Mini Glue Tape. Here we have another piece of bright stationery; I favour it in lemon, well its more lime than lemon in my personal opinion. But yes this pocket size wonder is rather wonderful. I mean who hasn’t had the urge to stick things in a book when travelling to and from work. On a serious note (well as serious as I can get) it is rather handy.

One of the uses I’ve found for it; which actually sounds rather mundane. As much as I would love to say I frequently use it to stick things into various scrapbooks, it would be a lie. I have however used it for sticking labels to archive boxes for sample envelopes and it does the job marvellously. This is one of the uses I have found.

If I think back to my school days it would have been far more useful than the other glues, which tend to make a mess and also dry up. Also looking back I would have rather enjoyed the task of sticking if I had such a wonderful accessory to use. But this is a stationery item I can imagine both adults and children finding uses for. Another rather wonderful use would be sticking labels on various jars in the kitchen, who hasn’t mixed up plain flour and self-raising flour before. Oh just me then. Oops!

So there we have it, in the kitchen, at school, in the office where can’t you use the Mini Tape Gun?! Until next time dear readers.

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