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Hello there, it has been a while since my last staff pick but do not worry for I am back; and back with a stationery related bang. We have recently got a new line of products in by Brunnen. You might call it slightly more traditional school stationery. All of the stock is available individually but with some pieces being sold as part of our lovely new pencil case bundles.

The range comes in three colours, which are green, pink and black. Personally I like the green of course; bright and eye catching as I am. Let us start with an item no pencil case should be without. A compass; for who amongst use can really draw a perfect circle. (Not me; but then I struggle to draw a straight line!) So as established bright, eye catching and practical and it makes maths fun, which is never ever a bad thing. As we are on the subject of maths let me move on to the set square. Now I cannot think of the last time I used one of these; but then I don’t really do much in the way of maths anymore. However back in my school days there was always one rather awkwardly jammed into my pencil case.

So that is the maths segment done, all still awake? Good then let’s carry on. I’m sure we are all in agreement there is nothing worse than having a pencil in your pencil case without a sharpener or a rubber, well fear not for I have the answer. We have the lovely sharpener, which of course matches the compass, and the set square you are of course planning on purchasing. The sharpener comes with a handy cover over the holes; which you put the pencils into to sharpen; but it also acts as an eraser as well, how thoughtful is that! Although some amongst you may decide that you want to keep this as a cover in which case I have just the item for you! The eraser pen, yes a whole pen which works as a rubber. Fantastic idea really isn’t it. I also remember having one of these in my school days, reaching the end of one part of the rubber and replacing it with a fresh eraser seemed rather exciting. (I didn’t get out much in those days you see.)

Let us move onto the final two items. The first of which I cannot really dress up in any kind of way for it is a ruler. We all know what its for, and everyone needs help drawing a straight line every now and again and at least even this slightly less exciting piece of stationery can be colour coordinated. The final item however is a little more interesting; the pocket hole punch. This snazzy little addition means you no longer have to take up desk space with a clunky hole puncher. Also for the students out there it slots into a leaver arch file with the handy holes on the left hand side of it. What’s not to like? So there you have you it my review of our slightly more basic range of stationery.

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