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Lamy Scala

It’s been a while since my last Staff Pick, but please don’t think I have been shirking my blogging duties….We here at Bureau have now begun the run up to the busiest time of year and will be rushed off our feet for the foreseeable future as the festive season will soon be upon us! It’s come around so quickly and I know although many people (myself included) haven’t even thought about present buying, there are some people who shall remain nameless (Paul) who have been squirreling gifts away for months. He calls it well prepared, I call it crazy but each to their own. As I have said before, my family are more than happy to receive presents bought entirely from the Bureau stock room and I am more than happy to oblige. Why on earth would I spend hours trawling up and down Oxford Street when I can walk less than 20 feet from my desk to a veritable Aladdin’s Cave of stationery? I can find some far more exciting and interesting choices than any regular shopping trip can offer. And of course it means that I don’t have to contend with slow moving pedestrians…I can’t deal with that…

I know in previous blogs I have written about products that I have bought for other people, but today I’m going to talk about something that I have had my eye on for ages, which is the Scala fountain pen by Lamy. In my humble opinion, the Scala pens are a bit underrated and should definitely be on your list as a gift, whether it be for a loved one or for yourself, and why not? We all deserve a treat every now and again.

Firstly, the Scala Fountain pen is absolutely beautiful to look at. It was designed for Lamy by Sieger, a German kitchen and bathroom design company renowned for their minimalist and contemporary style, which is certainly reflected in the lines of the Scala. With an understated matt black barrel and cap with polished chrome plated finishes, it has a timeless and simple elegance to it that I love. As much as I like mad bright colours in some circumstances, when it comes to fountain pens I want to own something that oozes quality and this pen has it in abundance. As I’ve said before, I’m not a girly girl and it could be described as a pen that is quite masculine in appearance, but I think androgynous is a more accurate word. Not only does it look as though it belongs in the inside pocket of James Bond’s (Daniel Craig, my Bond of choice) suit, I fancy that it would also look fantastic sitting on M’s (Dame Judi, of course) desk too.

Lamy Scala Ti

Not only is it beautiful, it’s also a dream to write with. Personally I like to have a Broad nib fitted to my fountain pens as I have quite round, slanted handwriting but like all Lamy pens you can order it with the usual choice of nib sizes to fit your own style of writing. It’s really smooth and glides effortlessly with no scratchiness at all, and it’s supplied with a convertor if you prefer to use bottled ink. I’m just too clumsy for that so I’m better off with cartridges. In terms of comfort, the Scala is made of stainless steel, so it’s weighty which some people might find difficult to handle and it’s got a chunky barrel-similar to a Safari or a Studio in width. If you’re a fan of Lamy’s narrow pens like the CP1 or the ST, then it may not be to your liking but my preference is for their more substantial models.

Lamy Scala Set

Even more exciting (as if it could get better) is that Lamy have introduced 3 new additions to the Scala family. Firstly, they have released a Titanium version of the Scala which will be available very shortly, and I have had a sneak preview. It’s just as gorgeous as the Black version, a little higher in price but the silver chrome finish against the darker titanium barrel looks fabulous. A rollerball has also been added to the Scala collection in both colour ways and finally…..*drum rolls on desk*….They have issued a Scala Gift Box, featuring a Piano Black version which is a high sheen glossy version of the original Scala. So exclusive is this gift box that at the time of writing this blog, we have only been able to get one set. Yes, that’s right, only one. Presented in a chic charcoal grey box with a bottle of ink and a convertor, it’s so smart and will make the perfect gift for a fountain pen enthusiast. And how special will they feel when they realise they are one of the lucky few to get their hands on it…Brownie points for that!

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