Staff Picks – The Ohto Dude Pen

Dominic’s Choice

ohto dude

Sometimes a new item of stationery appears in the building and you just do a double take and quietly think to yourself ‘I want one of those…’. We took on the Ohto range of pens earlier in the year and the stand out pen for me was The Dude. Unless you are looking at a Yoropen or a Pen Again then pens all conform to the same basic design, making it all the more challenging to create something unique. The Dude succeeds for me because it eschews sleek, slimline aerodynamics in favour of slightly ungainly angles, contrasted by a nice curved grip section. It is this that makes it a more individual pen, one that might have its critics as much as it has fans.

The pen itself also writes in a style that appeals to me, with a very fine rollerball tip that Ohto seem to like to specialise in. My only regret? Not waiting a bit longer, because the new blue Dude really is a good looking pen.

Ohto dude

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