Staff Picks – The Ohto Horizon

Dominic’s Choice

ohto horizon

Where I previously declared my love for the Ohto Dude rollerball pen (and don’t get me wrong, I still do like this pen), it’s position has been usurped by the Ohto Horizon. The Dude still has that quirky design that might be a bit marmite  – love it or loathe it – whilst the Horizon is interesting without being stand out. However it is when it comes to writing that I am won over. I have never been a rollerball person, and I also love a fine writing point, so the fact that the Horizon ticks both boxes gives it an unfair advantage. It comes in a more conservative colour choice of black or silver, or if you want to be adventurous there is an orange or blue option – mine’s the orange. There is no photo of it though as it is missing in action somewhere, probably in a coat pocket.

In summary, if you like a ballpoint pen, if you like a fine writing point and you like a pen that looks a little different, then the Horizon is worth a look. And it’s only just over £10.

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