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Paul’s Choice – ‘The Simpsons’ Moleskine Notebooks

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Right so here I am again… I know it has been a while. What can I say, I like to keep you all in suspense. So my first staff pick of 2014 is The Simpsons Moleskine Limited Edition notebook, which is available in both A5 and A6 sizes, with the A6 being my personal choice. Moleskine have teamed up with that lovely corporation 20th Century Fox to bring us an extra special notebook for the 25th anniversary of The Simpsons. In my humble opinion, Moleskines’ latest offering is far more interesting than many of the ‘special’ editions that have come and gone previously. The first thing that caught my eye about this notebook was the bold colour. As we already know I love bright things and of course a notebook for The Simpsons would have to be yellow, and this notebook really is a Simpsons shade of yellow. In fact, I am officially christening this particular shade Simpsons yellow. Bonkers yes but why not.

Now let me be completely honest; I come to this staff pick as a bit of a Simpsons fan. Not just a fan of The Simpsons but also any kind of product with a reference to a television show or movie, pop culture is my calling. From Family Guy t-shirts to DC Comic converse, I wear my geek badge with pride. As someone who also loves notebooks, who am I to resist a mixing of the two. After all I spent most of university with a Batman notebook and bag. Anyway, after that fascinating insight into my life let us get back to The Simpsons (also on the pair of my converse as photographed.) and its 25th year.

Any show remaining on the air for this length of time is pretty amazing. Animation or not, it has carried on producing twenty-two episodes a year for two and a half decades. Even managing to squeeze in a summer blockbuster while they were at it. The quality of the show may have dipped somewhere in the middle point of the run, but it is truly back on form delivering funny, intelligent episodes. Having drifted away from the show for a number of years I was amazed when I came back at around season twenty-one, at how on the nose the show was. Perhaps as a child I wasn’t aware; but the show was really poking fun at the world we live in. Tackling issues from politics to modern technology with an episode recently mocking Google Glass. So yes I think the show itself is rather wonderful. But I digress; lets get back to the notebook itself.

The A5 version has a Homer sketch on the cover while the A6 features Bart. Each book comes with its own set of stickers, which are relevant to either Homer or Bart. Also the front and back pages of the book feature a drawing of all the key places in Springfield from Krusty Burger to Springfield Elementary. Its rather fun to play spot your favourite character in amongst the crowd; and most of the key players are hanging around in the image somewhere. However, as lovely as the design of the book is it still can’t mask the one issue I have with Moleskine; the quality of the paper. It’s not up to scratch in my opinion, which is a real shame as for me it’s the only thing that lets the book down. Just this once however I will let it go, as I really want a notebook with Bart Simpson on it!

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