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Afternoon everyone! What a lovely day for a Staff Pick! I’m going on holiday next week so I thought I should try and get a review in to make up for spending a week sunning myself in Majorca while everyone else is working*. That, and I’m so impressed with these I felt compelled to write about them.

I’m talking about the Nuuna books. They’ve had a similar effect on me as the last pair of shoes I bought, which is most unusual. Normally, nothing even comes close to the joy of buying new shiny high heels but I love the Nuuna books so much I’m starting to wonder if all this working with pens and pads is finally turning me into a stationery geek. Made in Germany, the quality of these books is like nothing else we stock. They are beautifully made, each one seems as though it’s had attention lavished upon it and the overall effect is really quite something.

We did go over the designs a few times as a couple of them could be described as a bit cheeky, but it’s nice to stand out every now and again. Of course I couldn’t say that my favourite was the ‘I work for idiots’ book for obvious reasons, and although I probably curse way more than I should, I’m not that keen on the strongly-worded book either. I do like the thermo-orange ink on that particular book though, when it comes into contact with heat the black ink turns to a bright neon which is pretty cool. My choice at first was the Banana Leaves, simple yet striking. Oddly enough, I usually hate anything Orange (which is practically a sackable offence at BD) but there’s something about the bright shade against the Grey background that I find appealing. But now, it’s been usurped by something pretty, metallic and shiny. The Skin book. That beautiful shimmery Pool shade. Obviously I needed it.

As for some of the other books, the Superstar book is without being OTT and the bonded leather cover is nicely finished. Wannabe evil geniuses might like the ‘Master Plan’ book, and the Mix Tape is well done too. They’re stitched well so they lie flat, and the sketchbooks have a pen loop and pencil with them.

As well as the unusual covers and superb finish, the paper is outstanding. It’s Swedish Munken paper apparently. Never heard of it, but it’s certainly impressive. At 120gsm, it’s thicker paper than we have in any of our other notebooks and is just beautiful to write on. I get a constant flow of questions about which notebook paper is the nicest, and this is far and away my winner. Perfect to use with fountain pen ink, it’s really smooth with no bleed through at all. And it’s a nice shade of white too. I actually prefer writing on Plain paper, but my only gripe is that they don’t have any books with lined paper at all. Not a single one. What’s that about? Since when do people not like lined paper? Doesn’t make any sense to me! The dot-grid paper is becoming increasingly popular as it’s a less intrusive format than the traditional quadrille style so that’s understandable, but no lined paper? Have they gone mad?

Anyway, aside from that, they’re pretty much perfect. Buy one. Or all of them.

* NB – Kate wrote this before she went on holiday but has long-since returned, so no need for holiday-envy.

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  1. Why do you need lines when you have a dot grid? It’s just like dotted lines but with the added bonus of making it easy to create consistent indents, columns, whatever.
    … I guess I’m just completely enamored with dot grids 🙂

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