Ecmod Award Winner 2014

Winner of Best Business in the Home category

We are very pleased to say that we have won an Ecmod Award for the second year running. After winning the Outstanding Customer Service Award last year we tried to win it again this year. Sadly we didn’t win the customer service award – something I am still disappointed about! – but we did win the Best Business in the Home category. This covered a wide range of companies, from home furnishings to food and drink, and stationery of course! We are very chuffed to be a multiple award winning company now and who knows what awaits us in 2015?!

The event itself was a more summery affair this year, having been moved from April to June. After last year’s event in bowels of Stamford Bridge this time we were off to the Hurlingham Club down by the river in Fulham. Never having been there before it certainly lived up to expectations on the way in – all the beautiful people playing tennis as our taxi drove through the very smart grounds.

As something of an awards-veteran now of two years, this one followed the same format as last year – champagne reception, very nice meal, interesting chit chat with whoever you are sitting next to, awards (and the winner is….Bureau Direct), a quick handshake with Dermot Murnaghan, a dodgy photo that I hope never to see, an award that was quickly whisked back out of our hands (to be engraved and sent back a few weeks later) and the truly awful moment of having a video interview. What do you say when you really don’t expect to win? I must prepare just in case next time!

My last memory of the evening, long after Jo had left me all alone, long after I personally had won a prize in the charity draw, and long after I had had one too many glasses of wine, was sitting on the tube going home in my black tie with a bottle of champagne by my feet and wondering what on earth I looked like. The fact that I think I fell asleep and woke up at my stop with the champagne still there was very lucky.

A last note – the reason this has only been written now is that I have been waiting and waiting for a nice little winners award badge that I can post to the website and theĀ  blog but Ecmod haven’t sent one through. We have our award back – where’s our badge?

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  1. Congratulations ‘Bureau Direct’!
    You deserve to win and good luck for the future. Thank you for always being there when I need (want) quirky, quality stationery.

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