Staff Picks Revisited – Ohto Dude Pen

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Ohto dude

I wrote my Staff Pick on the Dude last November, but my love for the unusual lines and general chunky-quirkiness of the pen were displaced by a new source of my affection – the Ohto Horizon. Sad to say but the Dude was consigned to occasional glances and it no longer took centre stage for me. In fact it was thanks to my wife that it has come back to my attention. She also has a Dude pen, and after repeatedly asking for a refill I did remember to get her one, and she once again waxed lyrical about how nice it was. At that point I realised why I had stopped using my Dude pen – I too needed a new refill. One new black 0.5mm refill later and the pen writes beautifully again.

The point of my Staff Pick Revisited? It may seem like an obvious point to make – that a pen writes better when an old refill is replaced with a new one! – but in this case it wasn’t obvious that the refill had run out. In fact, it hadn’t run out but it must have been running very low and the lovely fine ink lines that I now get were just a scratchy irritation. I still love my Horizon pen, but the Dude gets first picking in my bag every day now.

If you happen to own a Dude pen and have become similarly disappointed with its performance, why not treat yourself to a C-305 0.5mm refill, in black or blue?

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