Is this our office pet…?


We have Woodstock the Lizard in again, on his annual holiday. Basically, when Jo goes away in the summer she brings in Woodstock, her pet lizard comes in to be looked after for two weeks. Other businesses have their office dog, some have goldfish (and some spend a little bit more than others), and it occurred to me today that we do have an office pet after all. He just only comes in for 2 weeks out of the 52.

Woodstock doesn’t do much, it has to be said. He spends most of the fortnight under a log. An occasional tail poking out is enough to remind you that he hasn’t found a way out and moved into the Rhodia section. And then it is Locust Tuesday – yes, we have a fortnightly delivery of live insects and so yesterday was that day. A bit like Stationery Wednesday but with less stationery and more locusts. Not for the squeamish, it should be said, so I’ve decided not to use Paul’s suggestion of a video, and instead post a photo I took of him all of 5 years ago back in our Camden offices. Amazing eye-detail and skin texture. I think he’s from Iran, but can’t be sure.

Anyway, in a shameless attempt to bring this post back to stationery, Paul did suggest getting Woodstock to pose on one of the Mark’s Gecko notebooks but I was worried that he might get stuck to the notebook suckers in some sort of deadly embrace that would never come apart.

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