Staff Pick – Back to School

Henry’s Choice

back to school stationery

Whilst I’ve been working at Bureau over the summer I have been given the opportunity to pick 5 items that I could take back to school with me. My initial suggestion was the dialog 3 but after seeing the looks on their faces I decided to stick with a green Lamy Al-star with matching green ink. I’ve never really used a fountain pen before and have possibly the worst handwriting so I’m hoping that the fountain pen will get me into shape.

Obviously I needed something to write and take notes in so I picked an A5 orange Leuchtturm with a sea green Papelote notebook strap for my Al-star since the pen  fits in it. The notebook has really nice paper and the sea green pen loop goes really well with the orange. I also picked up a mark’s storage it notebook to keep my phone in and oyster card. I really like this notebook as I can store everything I need in it and can still take notes. Since I was going back to school I needed some new kit so I picked the essential stationery kit in purple, which has everything I need for school next year. Overall I really like the items I have with the Lamy Alstar being my favourite, as the green ink looks fantastic.


Henry has been working with us as a temporary summer job to help fill in after Paul left. Part of the deal (we did pay him as well!) was that he could have a selection of Back to School stationery in return for a review. It is also fair to mention that Henry is also a part of the ‘Bureau family’ – the first of the next generation! Henry will be leaving to go back to school (6th form) in September.

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