Staff Pick – Neocritz Pencil Case (and more)

Jo’s Choice


I have been eyeing up this clever Japanese product for a while now, thinking it a genius idea. The principle is that in your bag it is a simple pencil case but once opened, with the top folded back, it stands upright and forms a sort of pencil pot with all your pens and pencils visible. No more rummaging around for that particular pen you want which seems to have vanished but is actually just hidden by all the pens you don’t need at that moment. I haven’t used one though because I am either at my desk or at home and in both places I have an impressive collection of writing instruments to hand and I can’t really think why I would want to carry them around with me. I can definitely see how it would be brilliant for someone who goes to lots of meetings outside work or ‘hot-desks’ – our accountant was very taken with it. Great for kids too to transport all their school stationery and stand on their various desks but I sadly couldn’t seem to justify my desire to own one.

But then it occurred to me that what works for pens would also work for make-up! No more scrabbling around for that small eye pencil as everything is standing upright and visible. It can stand on the drawers at home or travel in my bag. I chose the pink and grey version and took it home to test out and I can confirm it is perfect though I would have to concede that it is not large and won’t satisfy those who like to keep their make-up in a giant handbag-sized container. For those with smaller collections though or for keeping an essential selection handy, this is really quite excellent. And if any men are still reading at this point and wondering why, it would make a rather thoughtful gift you know.

Click here to see the Neocritz Pencil Case/Make Up Case